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Ordnance Clothing Factory Shahjahanpur (OCFS)

Ordnance Clothing Factory Shahjahanpur has a very old historical background. In the year 1879, Sir Ashley Eden, Lt. Governor of Bengal founded 3 clothing Factories in Bombay, Alipur and Madras for stitching of garments. In the year 1914, a part of the Alipur factory was shifted to Shahjahanpur on experimental basis for 1 year and named as Army Clothing Factory Shahjahanpur.

In the year 1925 the entire Alipur Factory was closed and work was permanently transferred to Shahjahanpur. Shahjahanpur is about 180 K.M. from Lucknow and 330 K. M. from New Delhi. The nearby places of interests are Nainital and Dudhwa National Park. Ordnance Clothing Factory Shahjahanpur is engaged in the production of textile and clothing items for army, navy, air force, DGBR, MHA and other civil authorities. The factory is spread in an area of 20.02 hectare and the estate is spread in an area of 125.1 hectare.

Contact Information
Addressee General Manager
Address 1 Ordnance Clothing Factory
Address 2 OCF Estate
Address 3 Shahjahanpur
State Uttar Pradesh
Pin 242001
Phone 05842-223416
Fax 05842-223328